Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in America : Updated

According to our analysis, the best auto insurance companies in America in 2023 are Geico, Auto-owners Insurance, Nationwide, Erie Insurance, and State Farm.

So that you can select the best insurance, here we will say what are the 5 best car insurance that exist in the USA. We will expose their advantages and disadvantages so you know how they can help you and what they offer.

Top 5 Car Insurance Companies
Auto-owners InsuranceAccident fee
NationwideMileage insurance
Erie InsuranceRecommendation of professionals
State FarmRenewal discount

Geico: The best rates

It offers affordable rates for
good drivers, people who
have a ticket, bad credit, or were
caught driving without insurance.
Insurance prices for drivers with
A DUI (Driving under the influence) is not good.
Economical rates for
seniors and young drivers.
It does not have coverage
features such as replacement of a new car, shared travel insurance,
It includes the possibility of forgiving accidents.The average discount for car and home insurance
is low, only 8%.

Geico car insurance has one of the lowest rates in the market. In 2023, it will be $ 1,148 annually, and what it offers is enough for most drivers because it has coverage, discounts, and digital tools.

Geico has a partnership with TrueCar that provides a program for policyholders that makes it easy for them to find and know the price of the car they want. It also provides assistance from TrueCar dealers to answer customer questions.

Geico’s Vehicle Care app is another useful insurance tool. The app was created by CARFAX and makes it easy to track the car’s maintenance history and can set maintenance reminders to avoid fines.

Geico auto insurance allows drivers over 50 or older to opt for a lifetime policy renewal with the Prime Time contract. However, eligibility requirements apply.

Car insurance includes a program for good drivers that allows them to reduce insurance costs based on driving habits. The more responsible the individual, the greater the benefits.

Auto-Owners Insurance: The Best Rates for Accidents

Good car insurance costs
for drivers who caused an accident.
There are better deals for people
with DUI or bad credit.
Accident forgiveness and
decreasing deductible.
The price to add a teen driver
is above average.
Average discount of 14% for
paying the entire auto insurance policy.
It does not have the SR-22 presentation.

At Auto-Owners, Auto Insurance costs approximately $1,361 per year for normal coverage and $325 for minimum protection. It is not the cheapest insurance on the market, but it has efficient prices and plans for any driver.

Auto-Owners is one of the car insurance companies that could be a good option if you need customizable coverage with discounts. The policy is available in 26 U.S. states and works with independent agents.

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The customization of Auto-Owners allows the customer to select the additional protections they want, such as attention to injured cars, support for additional expenses, reduced value coverage, etc.

It also incorporates Gap insurance with replacement coverage for new cars. If you are a good driver, you will be entitled to the TrueRide program that helps lower insurance prices.

Nationwide: The Best Mileage-Based Insurance

Affordable premiums for drivers
with bad credit.
High costs for drivers who
caused an accident with injuries.
It has a pay-per-mile (SmartMiles) insurance
plan for low-mileage
drivers who want to
The rates for drivers with DUI are high.
Good rate when adding
a teen driver to the policy.
No rideshare insurance coverage.

The average annual cost of Nationwide car insurance is $2,041, but customers can get a 10% discount when they enroll in the Nationwide SmartRide program. It is an application or a telematics device that analyzes, records, and controls driving habits.

SmartRide’s evaluation period is six months. If the person meets the requirements, they will get up to 40% permanent discount. In addition, if you manage little, SmartMiles will offer you lower rates, which will increase your saving capacity.

This is one of the car insurers that has accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and deductible options that disappear to add a policy.

Nationwide is a good auto insurer if you can qualify for the discounts and if you’re not uncomfortable with driving tracks. When the offers do not apply, insurance can cost up to $164 per month, an above-average figure.

Erie Insurance: Recommended by Crash Repair Professionals

Great rates when
adding a teen to the policy.
High rates for drivers
with bad credit.
Forgiveness of accidents and deductibles
that disappear.
No insurance program based on
mileage traveled.
The claims
process is efficient and fast.
Premiums and surcharges can
be high.

Erie Insurance’s average annual car insurance rate is $2,144 and the minimum coverage costs about $39, which is 33% cheaper than the national average. It also includes good backup offers that can lower costs.

Erie Insurance offers customer service that responds immediately to any eventuality, such as accidents or urgent policy changes. Insurance prices are reasonable for people who were in an accident or violated the speed limit.

Car insurance can be optimal for new cars because it offers gap coverage and auto replacement. It’s also easy to budget costs with Rate Lock, an Erie platform that keeps the price the same every year.

The only way for Rate Lock to increase payouts is when the policy changes, such as when you add or remove a car. It also includes rideshare insurance that activates only when a passenger has accepted and paid for transportation (Lyft and Uber apply).

State Farm: The Best Renewal Discount

It has SR-22 forms.High rates for individuals with bad credit.
Good average price for adding
a teen driver to the parent’s policy.
No gap insurance.
Competitive insurance rate
for people with speeding tickets.
Bad prices for good drivers or drivers with an accident or
DUI on their record.

The cost of State Farm’s annual car insurance fee is around $1,959 and the fees are 33% cheaper than the national average. The fee for auto insurance ranges from $99 per month. The Street Clear program helps teen drivers save.

State Farm is one of the largest auto insurers in the United States. It has an extensive network of local agencies that serve to provide personalized customer service that responds quickly to accidents or policy modifications.

This is one of the car insurances that includes an optional usage-based insurance program (Drive Safe & Save). Get a policy discount of up to 30% if your driving meets State Farm safety requirements.

It also incorporates rideshare insurance for people who work with Lyft or Uber. This insurance is responsible for filling the gap that exists between personal car insurance and the liability coverage of the travel company.

Which car insurer to choose?

The best auto insurers are the ones that offer the types of coverage and levels of support that suit your personal situation. Every driver has unique needs, however, there are several general factors to consider before choosing insurance:

  • Know your priorities: You must be aware of what you require and your financial status. Evaluating your scenario will allow you to reduce the number of insurers so that you can focus on those that meet your requirements.
  • Insurance providers made for you: When you’re aware of your requirements, look for insurers that offer the coverages that matter to you. Companies working in your area might give you what you want.
  • Analyze ratings from recognized third parties: To get a better reference from the insurance company, verified third-party ratings could help you make a better decision because you would have a more comprehensive approach.
  • Compare quotes: it is advisable to compare the same types of coverages and levels to know which companies have the best prices. Working with an agent may also help.

How much does auto insurance cost in the United States?

Auto insurance in the U.S. costs an average of $2,067 a year, according to Forbes Advisor’s analysis of the rates of large insurance companies. That’s $172 a month, on average.

InsuranceThe average monthly cost of car
insurance for
good drivers
Average monthly cost of car
insurance for
good drivers
State Farm$1,959$163
American Family$2,176$181
Safe Auto$2,647$221
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